medical mission trip

  1. C

    Medicine as Humanitarian Work/Missions

    Any students or Docs out there interested in medical missions long-term? Maybe not even long term, but making medical missions a significant part of your practice like practicing in US and going on short term trips throughout career? I was recently accepted to my state’s MD program and am...
  2. M

    Medical Mission Trips

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how to approach talking about medical mission trips on my "Experiences" for the AACOMAS application. I went to Costa Rica for a week to volunteer. I know there is this idea of "rich" kids going to a 3rd world country to look good on their application. I am not rich...
  3. G

    International Year for Surgeons?

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions or experience with international medicine for US surgeons specifically - either during residency or after. Spending time abroad doing medical mission work sounds appealing, but am not sure the best way to pursue this. I'd love more information.
  4. YourMD

    Anyone traveling to Guatemala this summer?

    I'll be traveling to Guatemala in June for Spanish immersion classes/medical missions. I'd love to link up with fellow medical students who will also be in town.
  5. YungGeezy

    Medical Mission Trip: More than one?

    So I'm a senior in undergrad applying right after graduation to med school. I already went on a medical mission trip to Jamaica last spring break and I know they receive a lot of criticism on here for not being effective but I really loved it. It was the most hands on clinical experience I've...