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    Help with Decision

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    3.2 GPA (C) and 510 MCAT

    Hi, I need help with preparing my list of medical schools to apply to. Currently my application states: 600+ hours as ER medical scribe, 120 hours as a Hospice volunteer, EMT experience. GPA cumulative is 3.2, MCAT 510. SC resident I have considered applying to: MUSC Indiana University...
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    Hi please help me

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    Advertisement Get 1st & 2nd Yr Live Online MD Coaching to help keep you in & finish successfully.

    Some of us were using forums like this not so long ago, now at Med Noobs we're a team of MDs who wish we had a service like ours to help us through medical school. We provide affordable 1-on-1 live video MD Coaching, analyze your study habits, help provide a solid study structure and assist with...