1. palumacella

    Confused and looking for honest advice

    I just graduated with a BS in biology. All my life, I aspired to become a physician. Before college, I thought I had it all figured out. I volunteered at my neighborhood hospital and I loved working with patients, doctors, nurses, etc. I declared my major at the start of college. Except for...
  2. Z

    HELP Bad Freshman Year what are my chances for Med School?

    Hi everyone! I needed to get some advice and opinions on what I should do to fix my GPA at this point I had a terrible freshman year, I'm not going to add fluff, I just didn't study and I did not take the transition from high school to college well. I got a D in gen chem 2 and retook it the...
  3. Neurogenesis+Cat

    What are my chances?

    511 MCAT, 3.90 GPA 1.5 years of research experience, 200+ hours of hospital volunteering. 100+ hours of shadowing MDs/DOs, 100+ hours of volunteering with animals. High level positions in campus clubs, university senate position. Great LOR's. I live in the WWAMI region/medically undeserved area...
  4. Y

    Chances of acceptance at Texas school?

    Wondering what my chances would be to get into any of the Texas Medical Schools? I will not be applying until next round, however I currently have a 3.93 gpa (but I would also like to know my chances if my gpa dropped to say a 3.75), and a 4.0 science gpa. I have recived a 515 on the new MCAT. I...
  5. W

    worried about GPA - PLEASE help!

    I am currently a freshman at a very competitive college, and I'm finishing up my spring semester. I am very concerned however because I received a B in chemlab and a C in calculus 2. I know it's not the end of the world, but how badly will this affect my chances for med school? Is a mid to upper...
  6. N

    Pre-Med at UCLA or UGA? Opinions please.

    Planning on going Pre-Med and I am a transfer student, entering at a junior standing. Got accepted into University of Georgia Athens under Biology/Pre-Med. Got accepted into UCLA as a Geography Major (Second choice major, not allowed to switch into a life science). According to many people...