meharry school of dentistry

  1. N

    Meharry MHS 2018

    I could not find a thread for this year's accepted class so I'm trying to be proactive. Hopefully this will help with spreading information, as well as getting to know everyone early. This is my first post, hope I did it right.
  2. A

    Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry c/o 2020

    Didn't see an official thread anywhere. Hope this helps some people who had questions :)
  3. ToyaR

    2016 Meharry MHS Program 2016

    I started this forum to keep all of us posted on what is going on with the people who were denied from the 2016 Medical/Dental class. However, they were being considered for the MHS program that is invitation only. My letter said I would hear back in Mid- March. Has anyone gotten any updates?