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  1. B

    Post-bac nononono?

    Hi everyone- glad to see SDN is still here. I am coming back from an undergrad hiatus. I was chasing a major and a course of study that was not working for me (trying to be perfect) and fell flat on my ass. So, now I'm beginning to get myself together (not too much grade damage- one semester...
  2. G

    From undergrad suspension to med school?

    Hi all so I am getting suspended from college for a year for a really dumb cheating incident that occurred back when I was a freshman. I won't serve my punishment until after my sophomore year because I was fighting the case. During that time I will be joining the Army National Guard as a medic...
  3. LevLove1992

    What are my chances (Completion rate, Raise GPA)

    TL;DR Freshman 35% completion rate with a F and a C on transcript (C could possibly be removed) with other aspects to my application (work, research, volunteer and extracurricular) do I still have a chance or should I look for new career possibilities? Read further for reasoning and further...