1. K

    Online micro prereq?

    I graduated and currently studying for the DAT using bootcamp. My school didn't offer a second micro class that is a prereq for UW (my in state dental school) so I need to take it online. My original plan was to do the online class after acceptance and before attending to save money and time if...
  2. squirrelnutkin

    Microbiology Lecture/Lab Requirements

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there will have some insight into this situation. At my undergrad, bio majors were required to take an advanced senior lab. My lab was Microbiology. On my transcript, the course is named Microbiology Lab. It was a 3-credit course w/ 1 hour lecture and 5 hours...
  3. RunawayGrape

    Torky vs. Pepper Micro

    I'll be starting microbiology in January and I wanted to know which Anki deck you guys thought was better for microbiology. I'm also open to any other suggestions for resources I could benefit from. Thanks.
  4. samac

    Sketchy medical discount code

    I have not a clue if this is allowed but I'm going to do it anyway because I wish I would have saved $20 when I got it that's a meal out with loan money. Sketchy medical has a discount code Happy_4th for the week. It saved my butt in micro so I want to share the savings with you all. Mods if...
  5. D

    USMLE what does it mean to have positive anti-Toxoplasma IgG?

    one of the free practice questions from usmle website says a HIV pt with positive anti-Toxoplasma IgG , positive anti-cytomegalovirus IgG and CD4 count 32. MRI brain shows multiple ring-enhancing lesions. Why is the answer still toxo. Shoundn't he be immune to toxo since he has anti-toxo IgG...
  6. U

    For Sale STEP 1: Lipincott MicroFlash Cards 4th edition

    These flashcards were amazing for studying micro daily for Step 1. If you'd like to buy them please message me! They are brand new, no writing or anything! Selling for $30 + cost of shipping (I bought for $47).