1. E

    Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency?

    Hi everyone, Can an MD Direct Commission without completing residency? My partner is Army and has advised me to look into applying for both the Army and the Air Force for potential Direct Commission. We have spoken to a couple recruiters but they haven't seemed to know much about the process for...
  2. G

    National gurd 68 whiskey?

    Hello! \Am in my 2nd year as a premed student, and have put some serious thought into enlisting in to the military soon to be a combat medic! But i was also wondering if this will boost my application for medical school or have it frowned upon? anyone done it and want to share their experience...
  3. InsertMemberNameHere

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Interested in military residency, not enrolled in HPSP. Is it possible?

    Hello, I am currently a 3rd year medical student about to begin my clinical rotations at a US allopathic medical school. I want to serve in the military, but I am not enrolled in HSPS. I am looking into FAP, but I would prefer to match into a military residency. Is it possible to match into a...
  4. Prilozack

    Advice on Pros/Cons of Army vs Airfare vs Navy

    Hey everyone! I am considering different branches of the military for my medical education, and I want to make a full career out of it. I do have a genuine passion for serving the country, so I am not doing it just to have medical school paid for (although that is a plus). For those who have...