1. Hunter the Bean

    So many minors/certificates, but none I'm truly interested in...Can someone help me?

    Hello everyone! I just finished off my freshman year at UF, and it was a great experience. I am on a Pre-Med track with as a Biology major and no current minor. I graduated with my Associate's Degree while in high school, and now I am running out of elective credits; therefore, I need to pick...
  2. M

    Major to Minor After Acceptance

    Hello all! I hope you're still having a great interview season! I just had a quick situation that I'd absolutely need and love to have your advice for. When I submitted my AMCAS primary, and until this morning actually, I was a double major in Neuroscience and Philosophy. I just found out that...
  3. V

    What should I major and minor in as a pre-med student?

    Hello everyone, I will be a college freshman in the fall and I am having trouble deciding on what I should major as well as minor in. I have declared my majors as biopsychology and sociology and my minor as Spanish. But I am also interested in music. I'm not sure if I want to minor in music...
  4. iceblinkluck

    Supplemental minors?

    Hello! I am new to this site and thought it would be a good place to get advice from other Pre-PT/PT students. I am a freshman bio major about to complete my first semester with a 3.6 gpa (it would have been higher if I hadn't gotten two B's, both of them B+'s though) and have been working as a...
  5. S

    Possible Undergrad Minors

    Hi! I am a freshman at SUNY Albany. I am an intended Biology major on a Pre-Med track. My academic goal is to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist. My academic advisor had mentioned looking into minors to kind of "spruce up" my med school application (starting early). I was...