1. D

    Any reassurance for step 2 CS?

  2. F

    Do I still have a chance?

    Hello, I am a senior in college with a bit of an unusual story that got me where I am today. I started college at one of the top liberal arts schools as a poli sci major intending to go into politics. After my freshman year, one of my parents was diagnosed with a terminal illness and that's...
  3. S

    I Accidentally Lied in my Interview

    I was asked which schools I’ve applied to, other than theirs. I always forget two schools of the seven I’ve applied to, because they were last minute and unfortunately, I’m not passionate about them. Would this ruin my chances of getting into this school?
  4. SwolePharmacist

    What are some of the biggest mistakes I can make in my first year (P1) of pharmacy school?

    Title says it all. I've been really stressed out ever since I started early last week, and I found a few google links to answer this question, but they were all generic mistakes that I already know not to do. I think some people on here can give me actual valuable answers from real experience...
  5. D


    Hello everyone , I am an IMG and gave my exam in Chicago in sep 2017 and failed in CIS component with high performance in SEP and ICE, that moment the result came in was very distressing, for the first 10-15 days I was constantly trying to find out what I did wrong at first go, I went through...
  6. doctorstrangerthingz

    Specialty where you're most likely to make a mistake?

    I was just wondering, in which specialties are doctors most likely to make errors? I know it depends on the individual doctor, and when it comes to surgical specialties it also depends on how skillful the surgeon is. I'm more interested in the specialties themselves. As in; a specialty where...
  7. hs764

    Do I let the admissions committee know that I made a dumb mistake?

    So I wrote the essays and submitted the fee for my University of Chicago secondary application months ago, but just today realized that I never hit that crucial "submit application" button. I feel like an idiot and I assume that the school is going to think I'm a huge slacker and pass me over...
  8. D

    The "Worst Premed Advice" thread

    I am currently a PGY-3 radiology resident. I wanted to start a thread to collect the worst pieces of advice people have personally received with regards to applying to medical school. This could be anything from where to apply, specific experiences, bad test advice...the more ridiculous the...
  9. J

    Step 2 CS mistakes, need feedback

    Hi, So I'm in that phase right now where I've already just recently given the test. but now I'm under the impression that it wasn't as easy I thought it was after coming out of the exam. 1. First case, I didn't get to do a closure. 2. In one patient note, I left out the whole allergies, meds...