mmi coaching

  1. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical NEW: 250 MMI Practice Questions!

    Hi Current Med School Applicants! How can you improve your Multiple Mini Interview skills so that you will receive a better interview score? Do lots of practice MMI questions! Applicants found our original 50 MMI practice questions extremely helpful. So, we added 200 more MMI questions on our...
  2. MasterTheMMI

    MMI and Panel Med School Interview Coaching from a Fourth Year Resident Physician

    Over the past 2 years, I have had the amazing opportunity to help over 15 applicants in achieving their goal of medical school acceptance and matching to their desired residency programs in both Canada and the USA! This will be my last year offering MMI coaching before I finish residency and...
  3. MasterTheMMI

    MMI Interview Prep and MMI Coaching from a Resident Physician-$75/hour

    I am currently a third year resident physician with extensive experience in MMI interviews, MMI question development and MMI Coaching. I remember how stressful medical school and CARMS interviews can be, so I wanted to create a coaching service that can help you excel in your interview and...