1. Kevin.Mero

    New mobile health program offers pharmacy access through a kiosk

    A mobile health program developed by MedAvail and being tested in Arizona will use kiosks to connect consumers to pharmacy services, including video access to a pharmacist. Six kiosks called MedCenters have been deployed in such public locations as pharmacies and clinics in Phoenix and Tucson...
  2. thethinker

    Wolters Kluwer/lexicomp + other active promos

    I figured this would be a good place to share discounts we've discovered on references pharmacists and students use on a daily basis. Despite having Clinical Pharmacology available to me through my employer, I still subscribe to Lexi-Complete as a person preference. I typically do 3 years at a...
  3. P

    Counting mobile app recommendation?

    I don't want this to be considered spam or advertising because I don't favor any specific product and I'll remove it immediately if it is, but I'm truly interested in others opinions. Recently I was asked about any apps that would help with counting and helping with stretches. They were having...
  4. C

    premed mobile app

    If you could make any app that would help with application process/interview/motive you, what kind of app would you create?