molecular biology

  1. U

    Take Additional Biology Course or Study for DAT

    Hello! I have a question regarding a decision to take a Molecular Biology class next semester. I am planning on taking the DAT in summer 2021 and will start studying for it as soon as the Fall 2020 semester ends. I am struggling to decide whether I should take a Molecular Biology class (in...
  2. P

    Molecular Biology, MCAT, and GPA for Admissions

    Hello! I am a biology and chemistry double major, and currently a sophomore. I've been working on a 4 year plan with my advisor and we recently came across a problem. I have four options, according to him: 1. Put off Physics II until spring of senior year, and take molecular next spring instead...
  3. C

    Is my class schedule good enough? (Bio Research)

    Im not exactly interested going into Pre-Pharmacy but it is on the table. I would really like to do work in molecular biology (a lot research!) .. and eventually working my way to more sophisticated molecular research in the future. I am currently an undergrad at Oswego State University majoring...
  4. M

    Masters in Biomedical Engineering or 2nd Bachelors in Cell and Molecular Biology

    Hello all, I intend to apply for medical school next summer to start in the fall of 2019. I have an unusual background. I am a non-traditional student, 28 y/o, and have 6 credit hours left on a BS in civil engineering. I had my heart set on an engineering degree when I went back to college...
  5. #PowerhouseoftheCell

    (MSTP MD/PhD application) Improved chance with Master's? + Additional Questions

    Hello friends, I am currently a junior hoping to gain admittance to an MSTP program. My current GPA is ~3.65 and I am currently majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology (B.S.) as well as Modern Language with an emphasis in Spanish (B.S.) with minors in Chemistry (emphasis in Biochem) as well...
  6. JayPath

    Companion Diagnostics (stratified medicine)

    I was wondering what everyone's (or anyone's) opinion is on companion diagnostic testing. I have been trying to keep up to date with the regulatory changes and clinical trials. Is there anything that has been peaking your interest? Maybe some recent clinical trials, new technology or approvals...
  7. L

    Molecular Biology vs. Cell Biology

    Which course will be more beneficial to take first for the MCAT? I plan to take both of course before the MCAT, (planning to take it next summer), and I'm finishing up biochem this semester. Both are at the same times and I don't know much about either professor, and I was told both would help...
  8. fleur96

    Molecular Bio + Biochem w/out lab or separate courses w/ labs?

    Hi everyone. My pre-med advisor recently suggested that I take a Molecular Biology + Biochemistry course offered at my school instead of taking the two separately. This course basically combines the two subjects and it doesn't have a lab, while the separate courses do have labs. According to...
  9. Striatum14

    Industrial vs. Research Labwork

    Hi! Over the summer I interned in a molecular biology lab at a biotech company. However, this clearly doesn't count as research, and I would eventually like to get some research experience if I decide to go down the MD/PhD route. The thing is that I got invited by the mol bio lab to intern with...