Molecular Bio + Biochem w/out lab or separate courses w/ labs?

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Nov 20, 2015
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Hi everyone.

My pre-med advisor recently suggested that I take a Molecular Biology + Biochemistry course offered at my school instead of taking the two separately. This course basically combines the two subjects and it doesn't have a lab, while the separate courses do have labs. According to my advisor, it does satisfy any Mol Bio and Biochem requirements that medical schools may have, as long as they don't also require the lab portions. Also, I am in my second year of undergrad, and I've only recently switched to the pre-med track. So I've kind of gotten a late start on the medical school pre-req's. I think that if I decide to take Mol Bio and Biochem separately, I will end up having to take OChem I with Mol Bio in one semester, and OChem II with Biochem in another--that is, if I want to finish the pre-req's in time to take the MCAT after my junior year (which I do, as long as I still have a chance of getting good grades). So should I take the combined course? Will it make me a less competitive applicant?
P.S. not sure if this is relevant information, but I am pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and a Minor in Philosophy.

Thanks in advance!