1. U

    HIRING: Physician Positions at Urgent Care Facilities [NYC]

    Hi everyone! If you or anyone you know is interested in working at an urgent care facility, we are currently looking to fill both full-time and part-time/moonlighting physician positions. As our offices are all based in NY, applicants MUST have an active NYS Medical License. Pay is competitive...
  2. angleoflouise

    Position Available Moonlighting Job for Residents

    We are looking for residents with active medical licenses in Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama. Please PM me if you are interested. Pay is ~$1000/day. Clinics are held on Saturday from 8AM to 5PM.
  3. M

    Remote Side Job for Med School graduates (no residency match? no problem!)

    Do you have significant medical student loans preventing you from having an allowance for fun? Did you graduate from Medical School and get snubbed by residency programs? Are you a practicing physician with a desire to pursue a career outside of practicing medicine? We have an opportunity...
  4. V

    TELEPSYCHIATRY positions for residents, fellows, and attendings!

    Hello! I am a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow working for an AWESOME new company providing telepsychiatry services across the United States. Work includes ED consults, primary care integration, and outpatient work. There are VERY EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES available NOW if you are...
  5. KloudMD

    Licensed Residents, Fellows: Telemedicine opportunity available

    Set your own availability, get paid $120-$180/hr, malpractice fully covered, apply here If you have any questions e-mail [email protected] or call 844-4-KloudMD or +14077921197 ext 123 to reach me personally if you have questions. This isn't a paid ad. I work for them and it's awesome. They're...
  6. L

    Possible to Moonlight after PGY-I (if you resign or are in the process of transferring)??

    As per the title, can you moonlight after you complete and receive credit for the full PGY-I psychiatry year if you resign after finishing the year or are in the process of transferring?? Is it highly state-dependent or are there other typical clauses? As always, really appreciate the...
  7. MoscowAbe

    Looking for Ophthalmology, Dermatology and ENT physicians interested in moonlighting (NYC)

    Hello, We are an established practice in the Brooklyn (NY) area looking for the above specialtists to moonlight and see patient's in our clinic 1-2 days a week. If interested please send CV to [email protected] with SDN in title. Regards, MD staffing
  8. E

    Moonlighting During Fellowship - IMGs

    Is it possible for an IMG to moonlight internally during fellowship, particularly for radiology fellowship? Any experience, info is highly appreciated.
  9. A

    Endo programs that allow moonlighting

    Hello everyone, I was curious to find out which Endo residency programs are open to students moonlighting during weekends? I have heard of the following programs that do let you moonlight: NYU West Virginia Uni University of Connecticut Would appreciate it if we could create a list of...