mosdoh dental

  1. lgk5x4

    MOSDOH waitlist/alternate list

    Does anyone know the difference between MOSDOH’s alternate vs waitlist? Any idea how they choose from each-any preference; like when do we hear back and how many are accepted per list? They seemed irritated when I called, so I didn’t get an answer!!
  2. C

    Clinic at MOSDOH

    To anyone especially any 3rd year dental students at MOSDOH: How's the clinic at MOSDOH? Good and Bad? What's your clinical exposure like? Do you get to see a variety of different cases? Thanks!
  3. N

    I need help deciding what school

    hi, i was wondering if any of the dental students at these schools can answer any of the following questions.. thanks Schools : Roseman UT, UNE, MW Arizona, MW Illinois, MOSDOH, NYU There are somethings that I like and dislike about each school but there are somethings I need to figure out...