1. D

    First time posting - to try or not to try , that is the question..

    Hey everyone , It's my first time posting here ( although i am a devoted stalker of sdn), and I would really love to hear some output on my application/Situation. some background about me : I graduated high school early - so started to work from an early age. When the time i was 18 , me and my...
  2. C

    Any chance?

    Hi all, I am in need of some advice. Feel free to be brutally honest. I'm 30 year olds, mom of one toddler with another due in a few months. Since having my first child, I am finding it incredibly difficult returning to my career in advertising - it seems vapid and uninspiring. I want more...
  3. J

    Any moms who have done/doing a neurology residency? Was/is it doable?

    Hello friendly folks of SDN, This is my first ever question here so pardon my errors if any. I am a mom of a 2 year old, IMG with EAD, who did a Master's in Clinical Neurology by research at Oxford,UK hoping to apply for a Neurology match. As I outlined above, my question is to moms/parents as...
  4. K

    Looking for studies - Children of Mother's with Addiction

    I'm looking for any reference articles to gather information specifically pertaining to children of mothers who are addicts. (Opiate addiction, but anything would be helpful). I'm looking for effects of how the mother being absent can affect the development in the acute phases of toddler...
  5. D

    Emergency Medicine - Now competitive?

    An older student told me yesterday, that the average EM step 1 is 245! That is pretty high. I am originally interested in lifestyle competitive specialties, but have always kept my eyes peeled for EM. I have a lot of debt and want a decent lifestyle, I heard that in the south and rural areas...
  6. M

    Non-traditional student

    Good evening all! I would like an honest assessment of my chances of getting into medical school and then surviving it with the following information provided below: 1. Undergrad. GPA 3.55 2. BSc in Chemistry 3. Worked after graduating in 2008 and attempted several programs but became...
  7. C

    Best way to Med School for Nontrad w/low GPA?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, so thanks in advance for your understanding. I'm in a bit of a rough spot, as I went through undergrad as a transfer student in biomedical engineering; my GPA was 3.7 pre-transfer, but fell to 3.2 once I hit upper division. (My institution doesn't factor in...
  8. due.diligence

    Is audiology a good career for a mom?

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering how feasible it is to go through the AudD program with a baby. Any of you done it? Did you feel like you were totally missing out on your kid's childhood? Side note: I do have a nearby dad who loves to babysit and a nurse partner who works 3 days a week. I'm also...
  9. optimisticallypassingorgo

    Working Part-Time out of Residency?

    I recently had someone tell me today that I could not have a career in medicine and raise a good family at the same time. This has really discouraged me and I've been unable to study all day as I ponder what they said. I'm not naive, I know medicine take effort and a lot of sacrifices and long...