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Should I give up on this dream?

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Oct 5, 2017
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Hi all, I am in need of some advice. Feel free to be brutally honest.

I'm 30 year olds, mom of one toddler with another due in a few months. Since having my first child, I am finding it incredibly difficult returning to my career in advertising - it seems vapid and uninspiring. I want more than ever to become a doctor (specifically a psychiatrist), I want to help people, I want to learn. So, I'm considering applying to med schools in the next few years after I complete the necessary steps.

My GPA (communications and psych from BU class of 2009) is 3.67, I have no doubt I can ace science pre reqs at a four year uni and obtain a competitive score on the mcats. I am bright and driven. But that isn't my biggest hurdle - I would have to spend the next few years obtaining experience/shadowing/volunteering etc. to remotely have a chance. I understand I need to prove my commitment to this careee change. The truth is I do want it more than anything.

Above all of that, another huge hurdle is the fact that I am very limited to just one area. We are possibly moving to San Fran so it would all have to take place there, I have no flexibility as my husband's job is our financial stability. Therefore, my only options for med school are the lovely competitive med schools of San Fran. I've read up on the "less competitive" schools... California Northstate and a D.O school which seem slightly obtainable? Also note residency would have to take place where my family resides which will most likely remain San Fran.

So give it to me straight! Am I limited by too many restrictions? Will these Med Schools penalize me for making this career switch - since there's no way I'll gain as much exposure to medicine than those who started off pre med? Any points given for maturity?! I want it very badly, but I have a family, so I need to be responsible and rational - I'd be taking a lot away from raising my boys to position myself as a competitive applicant... is it worth it or am I going to have to squash this dream?

Thanks all!


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Sep 15, 2012
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You do not need a large amount of exposure to medicine. 50 hours of shadowing and 200 hours of clinical volunteering (hospital setting is fine) would be adequate. Your biggest limitation will be your geographical limitation to San Francisco. There is a DO school there-TUCOM-CA, which may be your only option. However, it is very risky to rely on only one school for an acceptance.