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    Passed FL MPJE on my second attempt

    Hello, I found out today that I passed the FL MPJE! This was my second attempt so I just wanted to share my experience. On my first try, I read over the UF powerpoints once, read the Nova pdf twice, and read some statutes. I failed but was pretty close to passing which was a bummer. For my...
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    Passed Florida MPJE

    So, I am an out of state student, and somehow, I was able to pass the mpje for Florida. I wasn't able to find many of the study guides that most in state students have, so I had to improvise with my study materials. I normally don't write these, but I feel like there aren't very many forums that...
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    PassRxNow Review

    I don't recommend this site because I bought it for the MPJE for $49 bucks and when I'm doing the questions.....I'm noticing that they haven't updated the material at all since 2012. How do I know such a thing? Bc when I click "show answer", it sometimes gives you a link to further read up on...
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    Failed FL MPJE with 73, advice.

    So I failed the FL MPJE with a 73, devastated. But here I am, ready to fight back. Studied for a month every day at least for 3 or 4 hours. Read Florida statutes, read once the pharmacy manual, also reviewed info in the DEA website. Did index cards with major concepts, used Seamon's package and...