Jul 10, 2017
  1. Pharmacy Student
Hello, I found out today that I passed the FL MPJE!
This was my second attempt so I just wanted to share my experience.
On my first try, I read over the UF powerpoints once, read the Nova pdf twice, and read some statutes. I failed but was pretty close to passing which was a bummer.
For my second attempt, I studied those same materials again and also read over the FL statutes and regulations for 2 weeks straight. On the day before my exam, I studied some quizlets and familiarized myself with the CS brand/generic names and their schedules.
When I was taking the MPJE for the first time, I honestly felt like I was guessing on most of the questions. On my second attempt though, I felt like I understood the material better.
I dont know if this helps anyone, but I just wanted to share my experience!
Mar 8, 2017
  1. Pharmacist
So happy for you! CONGRATS! I am taking the FL MPJE on 8/23. I've been studying by using Seamon's review, the Pharmacist's Manual, Chapter 64b16-27, 465 and practice questions. Do you have any other suggestions that I should tap into?
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