1. T

    Studying for Second Year and STEP

  2. Piglet2020

    Step 1 - Dont know where to start

    Hi everyone, I'm an incoming MS2 and I take step 1 next year (scared). I dont know where to begin in terms of prep b/c there's a lot of resources out there. From experience, which resources are a must and how do you set your schedule for studying? (Really lost, panicking this summer...) Also...
  3. K

    6 months until Step 1, P4 rank

    Hey, I'm an MS2, 5 months until dedicated, and 1 month of dedicated before Step. I have not been doing so weel in school and am clearly am lacking some foundation for Step. I've tried to practice questions and just get so many wrong. I also feel like seeing a question doesnt make it stick...
  4. K

    Preparing for USMLE Step I and taking classed during summer

    I basically had a really horrible second semester of MS2 following a tough first semester involving a category 5 Hurricane. Thanks to the 20% and 25% that the NBME shelfs for path and pharm contribute to grade, I didn't pass the courses by 1.5-2%. Im taking them in the summer (June, probably)...
  5. desi0chick

    Selling MS1/MS2 books (Goljan, Costanzo Physio and much more)

    Hey guys, current MS3 selling the following books all in good condition with probably some underlining, but that's about it. (I have images for each book but could only attach 4 here for some reason, pm me if you wanna see the cover of the actual book). Goljan Rapid Review pathology: $30...
  6. begoood95

    Research In Medical School: Timescale for Decisions

    So I've been reflecting on the research I've done in undergrad, and feel really lucky that I got involved in a productive lab early in my academic career. If I had jumped on board junior, or senior year, I wouldn't have received a strong letter from my PI, nor would I have had such an enriching...
  7. rs_med_student

    Should i Read Guyton?

    Hello guys. i am a hopefully soon to be 2nd year med student obviously i did my physiology class and i did fantastic. the Q in the tite has been on my mind for quite a while. we used guyton's textbook of physiolgy...the freakin bible of physiology i liked it a lot and found it fairly easy to...
  8. medstu19

    LASIK during MS2

    Just wanted to put this out there for anyone considering getting LASIK during medical school. I was relatively worried since my surgery fell midweek of classes so I thought I'd put my experiences out into the universe. MS2 (we started back up two weeks ago), had LASIK Wednesday morning, back in...
  9. YellowTurtle

    Starting to see patients not going well

    I'm an MS2. I recently started seeing real patients in the hospital on my own for the first time. The goal is for me to get comfortable with doing h/p's independently as I get ready for 3rd year. The first couple were kinda bumpy but the people were fairly friendly. However, I was supposed to...