1. N

    General JHSPH or LSHTM?

    Hi All! I've applied to the full-time MSc in Nutrition for Global Health at LSHTM (not yet accepted) and the full-time MPH at JHSPH (I've been accepted). My goal is to work in international emergency nutrition - with a UN agency such as UNICEF, WFP, WHO or an INGO, USAID...etc. For JHSPH I...
  2. A

    DVM and MSc - is it worth it?

    I recently accepted a seat at SGU starting this upcoming fall, and I have been toying with the idea of pursuing a MSc (not MPH) along with that. I have done quite a bit of neuroscience research in undergrad and absolutely loved it, and I'd be ecstatic to continue research through graduate...
  3. F

    Other How Can I Make It ?

    Hello , I am a freshman year student and I want some advice First of all I am in love with my pharmacy school , really this is my first semester and I took organic chemistry inorganic chemistry , botany SO I wanted to ask you that after finishing final exams what should I do to collect more...
  4. G

    Transferring an MSc from the U.K.

    Fairly recently (January 2016) I graduated from Kingston University in the U.K. with an MSc in Clinical Psychology. However, I’m American and my goal has always been to one day practice in the U.S. I was hoping to potentially become a licensed therapist in the California. I realize now that it’s...
  5. D_Ts

    MPH or MSc choosing between London School of Hygiene and University of Edinburgh?

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine does not have MPH it only offers different streams of MSc , I have applied there and to MPH in University of Edinburgh but am not sure which one to choose! I am an international student my passion is towards Medicine for which I am planning to apply...
  6. B

    ARMY MSC 4 Years > Med School > MSC/MC

    Hello all, I've scoured the threads and have found multiple answers to the possibility of going from four years of active duty service as a commissioner officer to medical school, usually with the intention of entering the private sector. My intentions are similar, expect that I would hope to...
  7. MarshMedic

    Prehospital/EMS MPH

    Does anyone have experience with or know of an MPH program or another Master's program that has a focus or the ability to focus on pre-hospital 911 EMS? I'm entering medical school next year with an extensive background in EMS and an interest in EMS medicine and medical direction.
  8. H

    Help with school list (Canadian)

    Could somebody please give me feedback on my school list? Here's a short summary of my stats: - Undergrad at U Toronto with a Physiology Specialist, consistent upward trend, cGPA at 3.63 (3.8 without first year). Similar sGPA, but my first year pre-reqs are obv on the low side. - Wrote old MCAT...
  9. F

    When should I apply?

    Hi all I am a 4th year Microbio major at Uf and I am enrolled in a 4+1 masters program. The way the program works is during my senior year I take both grad courses as well as undergrad courses and then the 5th year I take strictly grad courses. I'll be done with my second semester of...
  10. H

    Hard science MSc vs smp

    Quick question. With a 3.63 cGPA, significant upward trend, and an mcat yet to be written (hopefully high). Some heavy research and volunteering. Which would you choose for a 2 year gap period ? A) a 1.5 year master of science in human biology at the University of Zurich in Switzerland (ranked...
  11. W

    M.S. before MD/PhD

    Hello, I am a recent graduate (B. S. Biochemistry, B.S. Biology) and want to eventually get into a top tier MD/PhD program. I'm currently a research assistant in a neuroscience lab at a very good university and I'm considering doing a master's degree before applying to MD/PhD programs to get...
  12. U

    Other Master's Degree MS in Global Health

    Hi there, I'm interested in pursuing a Masters in Global Health and am wondering if anyone has any insight/information on the following programs! Duke UCSF Georgetown Arizona State University of College London Kings College I've thumbed through some of the threads that have already been...