1. SpaceDoctor8

    Touro-CA MSMHS-COM 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I am a currently a first year D.O. student attending TUCOM-CA who also did the MSMHS-COM program at Touro. I am starting the forum for any prospective applicants who may have questions relating to the program in the context of admissions, financial aid, housing, social life...
  2. A

    Touro-CA MSMHS 2017-2018

    Hey guys! I have yet to see a thread on here for the Touro-CA MSMHS program 2017-2018, so I've started one. Here is the website: Let this be the place for discussion between people interested in the program, applying this cycle, and also current or past...
  3. GatorBoots

    Touro-CA MSMHS 2016-2017

    Good Evening Ya'll !! New to SDN. Couldn't find a thread about the MSMHS Program at Touro-CA so I decided to get the ball rolling :) Almost done with my application. Should have it sent in in the next 2-3 days. Waiting on the answers to a few questions I had about the application from Ms...