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    Help and advice with tough graduate decisions

    I am currently a junior at university completing my BS in psych. I work at a psych lab and childcare center at my school. It's about that time to be making grad decisions. My gpa is currently 3.6 (due to ONE bad neuro class), and by next year it should be like 3.7ish To start off, I know all my...
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    Accelerated BSN Program Question?

    Hi, so I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student on my way to getting my BA in Psychology. I was planning on going into a second degree program in nursing once I graduate. I have intentionally signed up for the following courses: 1.Statistics 2. General Chemistry I and II 3...
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    RD to PA

    Hi everyone! I've been a registered dietitian for about 1.5 years, working inpatient at a large pediatric academic hospital. I work closely with attendings, fellows, residents, and medical students via rounds. However, over the past 6 months or so, I've become very dissatisfied with my job and...
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    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Help

    Hey guys, I've been interested in the Mental Health field for as long as I remember, as well as the sciences. I'm currently a junior in college and am working towards getting a bachelors in Biology. I recently discovered that you can specialize within nursing to be a Psychiatric Nurse...
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    competitiveness of entry level MSN california

    Hi, I was wondering what's a competitive gpa for entry-level msn programs in California. I think that my cumulative gpa will be around a 3.3 by the time I am done with my bachelors degree. Also, do you guys have any recommendations/advice for what I should do to become a more competitive applicant?
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    Pharmacy vs Nurse Practitioner?

    I am still trying to decide whether I want to do pharmacy or NP. My heart is set on both and I'm having a very hard time deciding. A part of me just wants to apply for both things after I get my bachelors, but I was really hoping to decide one soon since the prereqs are a little different. Any...