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    Podiatry Chances

    Hello, I am just wondering what my odds are for podiatry school. My first semester of college was ROUGH ( F, B, D and a C-), put on subject to academic dismissal and appealed, BUT I was able to flip it. My next semester retook the classes I got an F, D, and C-, and got B+, A and A. I am now...
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    What are my chances? (Very unique path into medical school).

    I just graduated high school in May of 2017. I graduated with a 2.5 GPA and a weak math and science foundation. I decided to take a semester off and will be attending my local community college in the spring. I already took my math placement exam and did absolutely awful, I placed in Algebra 1...
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    3.61 cGPA, 3.53 sGPA (?), 513 MCAT

    Hi all, I am here to ask, given my stats, what I should be looking for in terms of Safety, Target, and Reach schools. About me: I am currently in the process of finishing up my primary application. I am a re-applicant for medical school, having had one interview last year. About me: I am both...