name prestige

  1. sasukeuchiha33

    Georgetown distaste on this site?

    Hey all, This is something I've been wondering about for a while that his piqued my intrigue and slight confusion. I'm sure (like with most things) it's my naivete, but I can't help but notice that this site really does not look on Georgetown too favorably. I've been searching through some...
  2. london.smog

    How can I talk about my new research experiences in secondaries?

    Or more specifically, how do I explain it in the popular "what are you doing this year?" question. I recently received a grant to do public health research in a conflict region and it's going to take up most of my time this coming year. For my secondaries/updates, I'm not sure how much is too...
  3. SrJulio

    Prestige of dental schools

    Hi, I know that this may have been asked a couple times by others, but I am just wondering if school names make any difference after people graduate from dental schools. I mean med students have to do residency, so I understand. But dental schools? Dental schools are not ranked like med...