1. X

    Inquiry on Native Identification

    I have seen this question thrown around quite a bit on this forum, but I wanted to inquire into how limited/stringent the process is on identification. I identify with a non-federally recognized tribe and have no tribal ID- but I have done extensive work and have very much lived and been coded...
  2. SSDGM

    Geisel (Dartmouth) vs. U of M Duluth

    Currently trying to get some insight in to my decision between my top two picks (Quinnipiac is still on the table as well, but I am leaning towards Geisel and Duluth at the moment). Geisel: Pros: +M3/M4 rotations in Alaska (my tribal homelands) +prestige/connections (Ivy League) +undergrad...
  3. SSDGM

    Should I bring my tribal ID to interviews just in case? Native American.

    Hi Everyone, I'm applying this round and getting very excited now that my AMCAS application is nearing completion. I'm applying as Native American/Alaska Native (I listed my tribe on my application) and White. I'm an enrolled member of federally-recognized tribe. I’m very light-skinned and I...