nbde part 2

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    How to Pass NBDE Part 2

    Hey guys. For those of you like me who are planning on taking NBDE Part 2 before it is discontinued and replaced by the INDBE, I wanted to share my personal experience with the exam, including details on how I passed on my first attempt! Resources (everything I used is included in this list)...
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    NBDE part2 study material for sale

    NBDE part :2. Study material for sale 1) Dentaldecks 2016/17 2)Oral pathology pic booklet with case studies book let( two booklets) 3)tufts pharmacology ( copy) 4) ASDA test packets jklm 5) Kaplan lecture notes with 10 cases
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    For Sale Tufts Reviewers - NBDE 2

    I have the 2012 Tufts reviewer for NBDE part 2. Very good material that is recommended by a lot of successful test takers. Pharma, Oral Patho, and pretty much all the other subjects (Endo, OM Radio, OMS, Ortho, Pedia, Perio, Prostho, plus Problem Based Learning Practice Cases, Patient...