nbde part i

  1. S

    need the 411 about NBDE Part I

    I'm planning on attending the NBDE part I or at least I'm thinking about it. But I have absolutely no idea where to start. Which material are considered most useful for getting a good score on Part I? How do I apply? When are the exams usually held? When should I apply? As in what's the last...
  2. dentistfrommoscow

    Secret Way to know NBDE-1 results

    Hi everyone! I passed my NBDE-1 w the 1st attempt. I spent not less than a year to prepare for it. I just figured out the secret way how to know if you PASSed or FAILed your NBDE I in just 10 days after results! Thank you for one of my friends for sharing it. Tip: this method doesn't work for...
  3. M

    Nbde part 1 -Study partner - florida

    Hello everyone ! from Argentina. planning to take nbde part 1 in florida( miramar area) augost 10th . I i need a study partner fulltime to go over all the questions before the test. I already study most of all the subjects. It would be great to find someone to kill the questions , since from...
  4. U

    NBDE part 1

    Selling my 2013-2014 decks, First aid, and nuggets printed and bound. All i used and passed my boards If interested just message me. Im also in los angeles and can meet up to sell.
  5. D

    for sale: NBDE part I dental decks

    Hi , I have the set of NBDE part I dental decks for sale. It's from 2009-2010 and even though the material has not changed at all I will sell it for cheaper than it's actual worth because I'm moving. Please msg me if you're interested.