nbeo part 3

  1. K

    Late Registration for NBEO Part III

    Today (05/04/2022) was the opening date for registering for the NBEO part III clinical skills exam at 9PM EST. For personal financial reasons, I wasn't able to afford the exam at registration time, and it is now 7 hours after the opening time for registration and I can already no longer find any...
  2. D

    Need a tutor for part 3 boards in Florida

    Hi, I need to take the clinical part of the boards. I’m hoping to take it in August 2021. I am willing to pay per hour for a tutor. I am located in Orlando Florida but I can drive to any location in Florida for the tutoring. Is anyone available who has just recently taken part 3 or is taking...
  3. fitdoc123


    I got 262F as my score, and I dont know what that means. I want to know how far I was from passing. Optics i scored in the 63 percentile, so that was my weak point. I want to retake it in August 2019. I am planning on taking the KMK signature summer course. if anyone has taking this course...
  4. J

    NBEO part 3 -study partner

    I am currently looking for a NBEO part 3 study partner. I live in Florida, let me know if anyone wants to exchange contact information willing to practice and study full time or part time. I plan to take part 3 no later than January. Also any tips are welcome!!!