1. T

    NCSU Non-Thesis Master of Physiology

    I'm interested in the MoP program as a means of gaining acceptance into dental school, but I have a few questions for anyone who has enrolled in/researched the program - 1. For a student with a low gpa, but all prereqs fulfilled, is this program better or worse than a postbacc program? 2. Is...
  2. Penelope Renee

    NCSU Externship

    Looking for advice from anyone at NCSU or who has completed an externship at NCSU. I will be completing an externship in advanced medicine the last two weeks of September. I was looking at the on campus housing options and wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation on which one to stay in, as...
  3. B

    NC State [NCSU] Masters of Physiology 2017

    I'm applying to the MR of Physiology program at NCSU in Fall of 2017. If you were accepted, what were your stats like? What's is the lowest uGPA that you've heard was accepted?
  4. J-wAlt

    Experience with NCSU Non-Res -> Res Tuition Change Process?

    Hey everybody/anybody! First time poster here, trying to narrow down my list of schools to apply for and wanted to see if anyone has experience with changing residency for tuition purposes at NC and could tell me what the process was like? I've read over their page, and saw that one of...