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    how to decide when similar cost?

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    Iowa State c/o 2022 applicants

    Hey, all. I've seen quite a few people post elsewhere about possibly applying to ISU for the c/o 2022, but a separate thread hadn't been started yet, so I figured I'd do the honors! I'll be a second year vet student coming this fall, so I should be able to answer most questions about Ames, the...
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    Summer anatomy remediation at University of Nebraska?

    Hey ya'll. Looks like I have to remediate anatomy at UNMC this summer. Does anyone have any experience with this class or the UNMC anatomy program in general? Not finding any info on SDN.....Thanks! Coming from the east coast....are the summers brutal in Nebraska?
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    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    What is the reputation of UNL? If one is looking at eventually applying to top-tier med schools, would UNL be an acceptable option for undergrad? If you went to UNL for undergrad, what was your experience? Thanks for everyone's help.
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    Creighton vs Miami

    Does anyone have any advice when choosing between two schools? I have recently been accepted at both Creighton and Miami and I can't decide which to choose! It would be very helpful if anyone could provide some of the pros/cons of either school from personal experience if possible! What kind of...