Summer anatomy remediation at University of Nebraska?

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Apr 1, 2017
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Hey ya'll. Looks like I have to remediate anatomy at UNMC this summer. Does anyone have any experience with this class or the UNMC anatomy program in general? Not finding any info on SDN.....Thanks!

Coming from the east coast....are the summers brutal in Nebraska?

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Don't know anything about remediation but the midwest from what I know can swing from 80s to high 90s on occasions in July.
Hi! UNMC M2 here. I didn't take the remedial anatomy, but I was around over the summer working as a SMDEP TA so I saw the anatomy program in action once in a while. From what I've heard it is a quick paced anatomy class, but I'm not sure what more you want to know.

As for summers in Omaha, they can get pretty intense, mostly because it gets humid, but they aren't that bad (but maybe I'm used to them) if you are dressed appropriately. Let me know if you have any more questions!