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    Negotiating Scholarships

    Is this still a thing? I interviewed at BU and after hearing I was accepted to Tufts they pulled me aside at the end of the interview day and sat me in the Dean's office, who very kindly (and poetically actually) told me he wanted me at BU and he would be giving me a 20k per year scholarship. I...
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    Negotiating Base Salary

    Interested to hear how much, if any, people were able to add to their initial offer. Obviously easier to do so with experience. My experience (1st job): - Most groups flat out said it was non-negotiable. - Few said there was a "little wiggle room", whatever that means. - 1 was willing to...
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    Bargain/negotiate for financial aid

    Soooo I haven't heard about this in the Pharmacy forums so I'm not sure if it's "kosher" at all. Basic info: I'm from CA and I have been accepted to an OOS school that is pretty cheap even without financial aid. However, I would much prefer to go to a school in CA for which I have just received...