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    How to increase chances for landing a competitive NICU fellowship?

    How much will not going to a top residency hurt me for fellowship applications?
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    NICU 2021 Fellowship!!!

    Just going off of last year's forum, wanted to start a thread on the NICU Fellowship cycle for 2021. Update with who you have heard back from for interview invitations with date. Copy and paste the list and add your updates. Good luck everyone! 2021 Interview List 1)
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    BOTH To take USMLE or No?

    Hey guys! I'm wondering if I should take USMLE or not. The merger is making it slightly complicated on deciding if I should. I'm most likely going to pursue fellowship (possibly neonatal or maternal-fetal) so I feel like that means I definitely should take USMLE. Please help because my school is...
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    Neonatology Question

    In neonates who are receiving either oral or IV DART (Dexamethasone) therapy for BPD, what is the physiologic reason as to why they have poor growth compared to those infants who are not on DART therapy?
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    470 on COMLEX, interested in Peds, chances?

    Hi I couldn't find a recent post on how to gauge COMLEX scores for Pediatrics. I scored a dismal 470 because of an unfortunate situation. My practices were >500. I know I'll do better on COMLEX 2. What do you think my chances are for ACGME Peds residencies? I am hoping to do a neonatology...