1. 2

    USC Nephrology Fellowship FYI/Questions to Ask on Your Interviews

    Hello anyone interested in nephrology fellowship. Welcome! The objective of this thread is to give a real insight into program so if you do consider it you know what you are getting. Also to provide you with the types of questions I wish I knew to ask on my fellowship interviews. USC: Pros...

    Poly-arteritis nodosa presenting as bilateral renal infarction

    A 47yo woman presents to the GP with left sided abdominal pain that has been present for a week. No fever or other symptoms. No relevant history or medication - Contrast-enhanced CT: left renal infarction - Angiography: dissection of left renal artery The day after discharge, she presents...
  3. Kakarrott

    Can you combine CC with ID and Renal?

    From a couple of my previous posts and my "research" on Reddit I found out that Critical Care is a great speciality that offers variety, you can diagnose, you can do procedures, people are collapsing out of various reasons, it just seems to be a great anti-boring speciality. On the other hand...
  4. Attending_007

    Nephrology Fellowship - Questions Applicants Should Ask

    Dear Pre-Renal Medical (and Pediatric) Residents, I recently graduated from a West Coast Nephrology program at a prominent tertiary care facility. I am happy with the job I have now and was generally happy with the training I received. However, Nephrology fellowships are now a buyers'...
  5. N

    BOTH renal blood flow question

    Why is Renal Blood Flow= Renal Plasma Flow/ (1-Hematocrit) wouldn't it make more sense for it to be Renal Blood Flow=Renal Plasma Flow * (1-Hematocrit) because 1-Hematocrit= fraction of blood volume that is plasma?
  6. M

    Official 2017-2018 Nephrology Fellowship Application Cycle

    Here it is .... it is OFFICIAL!
  7. iaskdumbquestions

    Urinalysis help

    Urinalysis are not so straightforward when you're looking at a result and are the one responsible for choosing what to do with it. The more I see, the more I realize that unless it's a rip-roaring infection, and the clinical picture is hazy (or downright counterintuitive), I am not 100%...
  8. Antoine Dodson

    ATN without AKI?

    Recently consulted on an OB patient with dark colored urine and slightly elevated Cr (1.06) v baseline of .9. GFR dropped from 88 to 72. All of this in setting of pre-elampsia and then C-section. Patient was also given Toradol. Patient was non-oliguric. OB ordered FENa and it came to >4 and...
  9. TampaDoc81

    Physician - Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology

    Job Description: Are you a passionate physician with an Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology background? Regional Medical Center in Western Maryland looking for a couple of Physicians. Excellent environment offering a unique work/ life experience. Our ideal candidate...
  10. M

    Why should myeloma patients drink lots?

    Hi, Just wondering what the physiology behind giving lots of fluid to myeloma patients is. I know myeloma can cause hypercalcemia, and tubero-interstitial nephritis. But what effect does giving them lots of fluid have? Does it improve renal function? Dilute the light chains damaging the...
  11. R

    Nephrology residence

    Hello, I am a medical student from Peru. I am coursing the 5th year of Medicine. Here, most medical schools consider 3 years of Basic Sciences, 3 years of Clinics and 1 year of Internship. After you graduate, you recibe the title of "Médico Cirujano", which could be considered as General...