1. E

    Preclinical Years and Ortho Interest

    Hi All- I wanted to get some general advice on using M1/M2 to my advantage when I'm interested in ortho. I recognize that doing well in classes, board prep, and rotations is my priority. However. When looking online for advice about maximizing preclinical years to match ortho, the spectrum runs...
  2. E

    The Dreaded C-

    I told myself I wouldn't do a neurotic post on here, but ya'll made me neurotic. I got a C- in my first college chem course. Good grades in the others, strong advanced science courses postbacc, etc. I have read a lot of chatter about med schools not accepting C- for prereqs. However. I...
  3. BluMist

    community college course while in high school (yet another GPA thread)

    started collecting materials for future cycle, and just received an unofficial transcript from community college I took a BCPM course at this community college during my freshman year of high school; the transcript specifically says "HS-Course taken for High School Credit Only" attempted...