next step mcat prep

  1. Xanias

    NEXT STEP Full Lengths Scale Inflation

    I am just writing this as I believe there is something wrong with the Next Step FL scoring scale; I think the exams are difficult, matter of fact much more difficult than the AAMC Full lengths. However there is a huge discrepancy when it comes to scoring, where I feel like anything below a 127...
  2. rangerdad

    Best MCAT prep course and software (IF MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE)

    Hello guys, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I chose to stay away from this website for a while. I a little intense! I am almost at the end of my Biomedical degree and now I am starting to think about MCAT prep. As a prior military member I am using the Vocational Rehab Program, and I...
  3. J

    Please help me decide between these two...

    Hi guys! I am currently a nurse and am taking pre-med classes to go to med school. Background info: I have the current classes under my belt, and am looking at taking the beginning of the summer 2018: Intro to psych Developmental psych Anatomy and physiology 1 and 2 Microbiology Gen chem 1...
  4. P

    MCAT Score/Prep Advice!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted some insight on the basis of my scoring on my previous practice MCAT exams. I know these questions are rather redundant, but am seeking peoples advice since I'm sure others have similar inquires. I have recently taken 3 total practice exams so far, but don't know how...
  5. S

    For Sale NEW next step 2016 CARS Book for $12

    text at 954 496 1126 if you want the book! no markings BOOK CONTAINS LOTS OF CARS PASSAGES + EXPLANATIONS FOR EXTRA PRACTICE
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