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  1. Moogla

    Foreign trained dentist with no experience.

    Hello, I finished dental school in 2015 and moved to the US in the same year. I have never had my own patients, never worked as a dentist. And I know a lot of Advanced standing programs are asking for a bench test which I have no idea how to do! I know there are programs that prepare you for...
  2. D

    How to get into MD school

    I just graduated from UC Irvine (BS in Biochem) with a 3.5 cGPA and 3.45 sGPA (I took a lot of engineering calculus and physics classes, which kind of ruined my GPA a bit). I was initially planning on going to graduate school and do research. However, I recently got involved and became extremely...
  3. tlnjd117

    Dental Assistant Job (No Experience!) - LA Area

    Hi everyone! I am currently working at a dental office in Encino, CA (perfect location for someone in LA and the surrounding areas). I have been accepted to dental school and will be starting in a few weeks - therefore I am looking to replace my position as a dental assistant at my current...
  4. E

    Clinical Research

    Hi everyone! I am an incoming 2nd year. I have the opportunity to meet with a STEM cell clinical researcher soon. I have no prior experience with research. I just know that I love patient interaction and that wet-lab based research does not sound appealing to me. I am really interested in STEM...
  5. skcolley

    Lack of Direct Public Health Experience?

    Hi everyone, I'm considering applying for MPH programs for the Fall 2018 cycle and have a few questions as someone brand new to the field of public health. After reading through countless pages of the "Accepted/Rejected" threads, I'm extremely concerned my lack of volunteer/research directly...
  6. K

    Pharmacy Volunteer in Atlanta

    Hi! I'm a undergraduate wanting to become a pharmacist. I currently have about 2 more years til I get to pharmacy grad school. I was wondering if there were any places I could volunteer in Atlanta. I would like to gain some volunteer work experience before getting a job as a technician. I have...
  7. R

    No research experience question?

    Hello! I am applying for a summer internship and currently filling out the application. There is a section on the application that states that I must explain any past research experience. The problem is that I do not have any prior research experience. How do I say that I don't have any research...
  8. A

    Should I give up on medical school? If not, what are some things I should do to make it a reality?

    Hello, y'all. I am new to the medical school application process. I'm sure you get this question in various different forms, but I would appreciate it if you took the time to answer mine! Thanks for your help. Major: Biomedical Engineering (not all pre-med requirements will be met when I...
  9. The Cat

    Really, really discouraged. I think I need a break. Advice please?

    Hello all. Well, allow me to vent..... So far 2016 has been quite sucky for me. Failed two of the most difficult classes of my VT program (something had to give, had 8 classes in total), Animal Medicine and Animal Surgery. Tuition is 5000$ and I must retake the classes in Spring 2017. Ever...