1. P

    NorCal DO vs MD (Touro vs. Northstate)

    Hey everyone! I am from Northern California and would love to stay in the area. I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed all over the US for several DO schools and loved what these schools had to offer. That being said, I have been accepted to two schools in NorCal - Touro and...
  2. drpatelplasticsurgery

    UC Davis PRS (NorCal) - SubIs wanted for 2017!

    Open invitation to U.S. medical students: (1) To graduating MS4s looking for a month of plastic surgery to hone suturing skills, scrub into reconstruction cases, or simply to avoid being bored toward the end of medical school; AND (2) To rising MS4s who may be fortunate enough to be starting...
  3. P

    UC/CSU to PA School?

    Hello, I'm currently a freshman at Sacramento State University and would like to pursue the career as a PA. I was wondering if undergrad school you attend determines if you actually can get into PA school such as how Med Schools prefer more prestigious schools like a UC. Or is it doesn't matter...