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Jun 22, 2005
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Open invitation to U.S. medical students:

(1) To graduating MS4s looking for a month of plastic surgery to hone suturing skills, scrub into reconstruction cases, or simply to avoid being bored toward the end of medical school; AND

(2) To rising MS4s who may be fortunate enough to be starting Plastic Surgery SubIs early, i.e., late Spring:

The UC Davis Division of Plastic Surgery is seeking SubIs to help cover our service starting APRIL 2017. We aim to have at least one SubI per month from April through November 2017. We recently adjourned interviews for the 2017 Integrated Match and can say that a month spent with us is a month well-invested, whether or not you end up at our institution for residency training.

Opportunities will exist to help our residents take call, work up hand and facial trauma consults (including bedside suture repairs and fracture reductions), as well as to function as a plastic surgery resident, scrub complex wound and breast reconstruction, and participate in all intra- and extra-mural Division activities, including Tuesday Grand Rounds and M&M, Wednesday Journal Club, and Friday Flap and Selected Readings/Plastic Surgery Education Network (PSEN) Conferences. Past SubIs have all agreed that the "hands-on" component makes the Acting Intern month more like a month of actual plastic surgery residency training!

We adhere to all ACGME and RRC regulations, including compliance with duty hours and clinical expectations for residents and medical students alike.

Please PM me with your interest and I can direct you to our Program Coordinator, Marissa Hubbard as well as our Program Director, Dr. Michael Wong, to help make arrangements for a SubI month.

-A graduating Plastic Surgery Chief Resident

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