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    BU or Northeastern for premed?

    Hi I know this question is asked a lot but I would love your input please! I couldn’t find striaght answers. I’m thinking of either going to BU or Northeastern as a premed student but I’m not sure which school will prepare me better for the MCATs? Give fair grades which will look good on my...
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    Chances of getting into 0-6 pharmacy school?

    Hey guys I'm a junior in high school and I'm looking into getting into a 0-6 program. This is what I've been participating in in high school and etc. : my unweighted GPA is a 3.7-3.8/4.0 I'm in cultural clubs, amnesty club org, sports club, volunteer club, newspaper, and did track and field for...
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    Boston College vs Northeastern vs UMASS Boston

    Hello all, I have been accepted and am strongly considering Boston College and Northeastern University. At this point Northeastern is ludicrously expensive compared to BC and I would have to talk to financial aid to have them even begin to accommodate me. UMASS Boston Honors College offers a...
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    Northeastern Postbac 2016-2017

    Is anyone out there going to Northeastern for the Post bac premed program 2016-17? Does anyone have any info regarding this program? I just got in, and I'm trying find out more info and/or other people going!
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    Anyone here attending/attended Northeastern for MPH?

    Recently accepted and would like to discuss the program!
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    Post Bacc Question, please help!

    Hi Everyone, I just had a quick question regarding the courses I should take at Post bacc. I recently finished my undergrad at Boston College. Freshmen year, I definitely didn't really understand how to study (who knew it would be such a drastic difference from my public high school) and it...