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Apr 12, 2016
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Hey guys I'm a junior in high school and I'm looking into getting into a 0-6 program. This is what I've been participating in in high school and etc. :
my unweighted GPA is a 3.7-3.8/4.0
I'm in cultural clubs, amnesty club org, sports club, volunteer club, newspaper, and did track and field for 2 yrs, and have played violin for the past 8 yrs
fyi: I'm asian so I feel like I'm gonna get rejected from these schools because there are better applicants and stuff
8th grade:
Spanish 1
Bio (not honors)
Algebra 1 (not honors)
9th grade:
Spanish 2
Earth Science (not honors)
Geometry honors
Global History 1 honors
English honors
10th grade:
Spanish 3
Chemistry honors
Algebra 2 trig (not honors)
Global history 2 honors
English honors
11th grade:
Spanish 4
Physics honors
Pre calc
AP us history
AP English composition
orchestra (advanced)
12th grade (what I will take):
Spanish 5
Biology (college level for credit)
AB calc
public policy (honors)
economics (college level for credit)
AP english lit
orchestra (advanced)

*SAT and ACT scores tbd

I'm interested in St John's, URI, Rutgers, MCPHS, ACPHS (not 0-6), UBuffalo (not 0-6), USP, and Northeastern.