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    My Interview Experience-NSUCO

    Hi everyone, I was searching for interview threads and I was thinking that threads like "Class of 2024" are really helpful. You just can go there and find much information from different students, and also share your information with others, therefore enriching the body of the thread more and...
  2. E

    Optometry school chances

    Hi everyone, Just wanted other opinions to see if I would get accepted into ANY optometry school. Preferably PCO, NECO, SUNY or NOVA. So my story is that I was accepted into a 3+4 program with Salus University and my current college. I believed I would be attending PCO this year however, they...
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    Interviews at PCO,SUNY, NOVA

    Hey everyone, I just had my optometry school interviews recently. I decided to share my experiences because the forums I read really helped preparing me for my interviews, but were a bit old. It's true what they say just relax and be yourself. Good luck on your interviews! PCO Interview: I...
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    IU Optometry vs. NSU College of Optometry

    I've been accepted to IUSO and NSU optometry in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I am torn between the two schools. Due to scholarships they are exactly the same price for me, and I am from Canada so neither are in my hometown and I don't plan on practicing in either state. Any advice????
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    Thoughts on NOVA Southeastern University Optometry?

    Is NOVA southeastern university college of optometry a good school to go to? Will I be able to get a job as an optometrist after graduating from there, even though its a newer optometry school? I've been accepted to optometry schools that have been around longer and have a larger alumni...
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    Indiana University or NOVA for Optometry School?

    I've been accepted to IU and NOVA for optometry school next year and I am completely torn between the two and don't know which one to attend. I am Canadian so I will paying out of state tuition for both schools, and they are the same price for me due to scholarships. Any advice about which...
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    HELP!! I recently had an interview with MCPHS and loved it. Everyone was so nice and I love the architechture of the city. Best part? I got accepted!! However, I'm originally from South Florida and just got asked to interview at NOVA. I would love to stay in South Florida because of the...
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    Will I get in ?

    I just applied to NOVA, ICO and Waterloo. My Bsc Undergrad is being completed at McMaster University in Canada. OAT scores 360 TS ; 340 AA Current Overall OptomCas GPA 3.41 ; 3rd year was a 3.7 but im expecting my last year to be around 3.85 - 3.9 GPA What are my chances of getting into...
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    NOVA Optometry- First year, daily schedule

    Hi, NOVA first year optometry students! Could you fill me in on your daily schedule? I am curious about life as a first year optometry student. Thanks!