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  1. D

    Dentistry vs CRNA

    I am in a tough position. I currently have offers to start dental school this fall. The one I’m looking at going to is gonna cost me a total of about $250K in loans. For 3 years now I’ve envisioned myself as a dentist and figured it was the best thing for me, but after shadowing some more, I’ve...
  2. C

    What career should I choose

    Hey guys I'm a senior in high school who has been pretty set on becoming a Nurse Anesthetist but I'm having second thoughts. I'm just thinking that since it is going to be a doctorate degree by the time I'm in CRNA school that I should just do pre-med or pre-dental rather than nursing. There are...
  3. HeadedSOuth

    Personal Statement Help?

    Hi everyone, I'm nearly complete with my application for Anesthesiology Assistant (AA) programs, but I'm unsatisfied with my personal statement. I've requested help from an english professor I've got along well with in the past to help with grammar/conventions, but I want to solidify my content...
  4. F

    Puerto Rico cRNA school insight

    Need an insight for a friend. My friend just got accepted into a cRNA school in Puerto Rico and wanted to get more insight about doing cRNA school in Puerto Rico. My friend is non-spanish speaking and she live in US. Name of School is Inter-america University of Puerto Rico. The major Pro...
  5. T

    ICU Nurse/CRNA or MD

    Hello everyone! I am currently an ICU Nurse with about 3 years of nursing experience. I am 24 years old. I am truly confronted with a tremendous decision right now, and that is CRNA or MD. I have my associate degree in nursing and am in the process of obtaining classes necessary to bridge...
  6. Armyhealth

    Army Healthcare Recruiter here to answer any questions.

    I am currenlty working as a Army Healthcare Recruiter. I have been doing so about 4 years. So far I have had HPSP in medical, dental, optometry, nurse practioner, CRNA and veterinary programs. I also have had someone accepted into the Masters in Social Work, GPN program at Baylor and LTHET...
  7. C

    MD vs Mid–Levels (Nontraditional Students)

    Calling all Nontraditional Students!! If you have a moment, and you are willing, please answer the following questions: At what age did you matriculate? What was your background going in? What motivated you to make a switch into medicine? Did you go for an MD or Mid–Level credential (such as...
  8. T

    Question about CRNAs

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate senior who was premed for a while, but I just decided that medicine was not the route I want to go, so I'm starting an accelerated BSN program in May with the intent of eventually within a few years becoming a CRNA, a PA, or an NP. I'm particularly interested in...