nursing classes

  1. A

    NP Student thinking about going pre-med

    Hello, my name is anonymousman. I am 25 years old. I have been a nurse for three years. I currently work part time and I am in nurse practitioner school. I am halfway done with the program. I will be done with NP school this December if I hustle or next May if I take my time. I am underwhelmed...
  2. P

    Columbus,Ohio: Mobile Nurse Aide Training Classes

    Prodoceo Health Become a certified health professional in 12 days Mobile Nurse Aide Training Classes - Become an STNA: state tested nurse aide - This certification will enable you to work in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. You can make up to $30K/year! - Pave the way for success in...
  3. F

    Will I be able to get into a nursing program?

    Hi currently I am a student who was dismissed from NYU due to a really low GPA of 1.8 and enrolled/transferred into Bergen Community College in the hopes of getting better grades and proving to NYU that I am capable of doing well in school. I did extremely poorly during my freshman and sophomore...
  4. DrBelle

    LPN to Nursing (BSN) Undergrad - Fitting In Pre-Reqs

    Hey everyone (the heart of my question in bold) I'm about to finish an LPN (Practical Nursing) program and headed back to college to complete a BSN. I've done very well, straight A's across the board, and have a pretty good foundation in nursing on the PN level. I know I want to go to...