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May 20, 2016
Prodoceo Health

Become a certified health professional in 12 days

Mobile Nurse Aide Training Classes

- Become an STNA: state tested nurse aide

- This certification will enable you to work in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. You can make up to $30K/year!

- Pave the way for success in as little as 12 days!

- Perfect for pre-health students!

- Many convenient locations to catered to your schedule and needs

We seek to be a leader in nurse aide training and set a path of longevity in the ever-growing health care field. We strive to teach every student the importance of the nurse aide's role in preserving and respecting life. We have set a standard to provide only the highest quality of training. Our students can expect to leave our training class feeling confident and ready to become victorious.

Coming in August 2016

Pre-enroll and join our mailing list today! --- visit our website: prodoceohealth.com OR call 614.427.1887

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