oat destoryer

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    OAT destroyer vs Actual OAT

    Hi! I just got my OAT destroyer and have started doing questions from it, my test is about 2.5 weeks away but i might push it a week back to do more questions. I've been doing Kaplan Questions before this and i've just done so so so bad on those, its really killed my confidence honestly. BUT the...
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    OAT Exam Experience & Tips

    Hi All, I took my oat exam today and did well! - I read some posts before my exam that were helpful so I decided to write one too. I would like to share some helpful tips that I discovered along the way and some advice based on my personal experience. It might work for you and it might not...
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    OAT Gen Chem help

    I'm studying for the OAT and have just finished the Gen Chem section from the kaplan book with using youtube videos for sections. When I try doing questions from the destroyer I feel like I have no idea what's going on or how to go about it. Is there any advice on how to study for the gen chem...
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    OAT practice test scores - explain

    I am 2 weeks away from taking my OAT. I have been using chad's videos and OAT destroyer. I took a practice OAT test using TOP SCORE to see where I stand. my results: BIO 260/ OCHEM 350/ GCHEM 320/ RC 320/ PHY 250 / QR 300 I did poorly in the bio and physics section. I am trying to understand...
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    OAT study materials for sale

    Im selling: 1. OAT Destroyer 2016 version: Org. Chem,Gen. Chem,Bio.,Quantitative reasoning 2. OAT Destroyer 2016 version: Physics 3. OAT Flashcard study system:OAT Exam Practice Questions and review by Mometrix test preparation 4. Kaplan flash Cards 5. OAT prep by Kaplan Review Notes...
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    oat practice tests and books study materials for sale

    SELLING OAT BOOKS! Great resources that helped me score 97th percentile :) ALL IN LIKE-NEW condition! any markings (very very few) are in light pencil that can easily be erased Kaplan 2016 big blue book-includes all info of all sections along with practice questions OAT DESTROYER book: must...