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    Obesity Medicine Fellowship

    Hi all, I am in my 1st of a 2 year endocrinology fellowship and beginning to lay down the framework for job seeking vs pursuing one more year of obesity fellowship training. I an on a J1 visa thus the early job hunt to allow enough time for paperwork and waiver etc. Has anyone in my shoes, or...
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    Help needed, father continuous painful hiccups for over a year

    ********** CURRENT PROBLEM ********** Hi, Thank you very much for your time and attention. It is a long description but I think it was important to include. I have tried to make it as readable as possible. My father who is 70 years old has been experiencing continuous hiccups for a...
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    MD & DO Obesity spreads like a virus/contagion - JAMA

    JAMA Pediatrics - January 22, 2018 Original Investigation: Association of Exposure to Communities With Higher Ratios of Obesity with Increased Body Mass Index and Risk of Overweight and Obesity Among Parents and Children Datar A, Nicosia N. Association of Exposure to Communities With Higher...
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    Obesity and medical school

    I am morbidly obese and was recently accepted to medical school. I still have a few more interviews and I am nervous because of my size. I am scared I will be discriminated against and looked down on. It's making me want to just decline the other interviews I have to avoid this fear even though...