Help needed, father continuous painful hiccups for over a year

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Mar 16, 2018
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********** CURRENT PROBLEM **********


Thank you very much for your time and attention.

It is a long description but I think it was important to include.

I have tried to make it as readable as possible.

My father who is 70 years old has been experiencing continuous hiccups for a year now.

This is obviously very painful as he is unable to eat or even sleep properly.

After testing countless home remedies, we got him checked by medical experts about 6 months ago.

Almost all of them informed us it is due to prolonged stress, which might be true due to certain events in our lives.

********** BACKGROUND INFO **********

Age = 70 years.

Ethnicity = South Asian.

He has had high blood pressure and high cholesterol for more than 25 years, has been gout patient too for that amount of time.

He has been obese as well for 25+ years, current weight = 245 lb, height = almost 6 feet.

He also had type 2 diabetes probably for 15+ years.

He can barely walk and is not active at all, mostly due to back and joint pains.

He has avoided almost all meat products for 10+ years, but I think he gained weight due to more consumption of carbohydrates, specifically white flour and rice.

No smoking/drinking or recreational drugs habits thankfully.

He has also been experiencing cough and weakness and loss of appetite for the last 20 days or so.

None of the doctors were 100% sure about the solution and prescribed the following tests and medications:

********** TESTS DONE **********

All information is within 3 months range.

-Uric Acid = 7 [normal]

-All Cholesterols Total/HDL/LDL within range

-Triglycerides 10-20% above normal range

-ALT normal

-Blood sugar controlled by 2 medicines, Glucophage and Glucobay

-His ultrasound was i think normal too.

-In a very recent test, it was shown his heart walls have become thick due to prolonged stress and cholesterol.

********** DOCTORS CURRENT CONSENSUS **********

Out of the 5 doctors consulted, 2 are Cardiologists, 2 General Practitioner and a very recent one is Neurologist. Should I also consult Gastroenterologist?

-Doctors ruled out existence of tumors or cancers etc based on ultrasound and long history of hiccups.

Few doctors also suggested it might be GERD or acid reflux but he does not have all the symptoms.

********** ANY OTHER TESTS NEEDED? **********

I wonder now why no doctor asked to check his "cortisol" range? Is it not important to test to measure stress?

Any other important factors to test for his stress levels?

Is ENDOSCOPY really needed? No doctor so far suggested it but after researching online it seems very important?


Medications for hiccups he has been using regularly since the past 3-4 months

-Motilium tablet [4 months][1+1+1 before each meal]

-Nexum capsule [3 months][1+0+1 before each meal]

-Gaviscon syrup [3 months] [1+0+1, 1 tbsp after each meal]

-Motival tablet [1 month][1, in the night] for stress/anxiety

-RIVOTRIL for stress management prescribed by a neurologist for 3 weeks.


These are additional medications he has to take daily for heart, blood pressure, sugar, uric acid and pain killers etc.

-COEZIDAY 100mg 1x

-CAPOTIN 50mg 2x [0.25+0.25mg]


-GLUCOBAY 50mg 1x

-DISPIRIN 300mg 1x



A very temporary cure [30 minutes to 1 hour] is drinking any cola [higher the carbonation, better] while standing and bending low.

Drinking warm water helps a little bit as well.

Please tell me what can we do about it? This has been very painful not only to the patient but for all family members as well.

I can of course provide more info if needed.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much again.
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