ochem 2

  1. birchtree47

    Dropped organic chemistry II to study for MCAT, ochem, and the calculus certification. What to do?

    Just about an hour ago, I made the risky and impulsive decision to drop out of ochem II, as this was the last day that it was possible to do so without it showing up on your transcript. At the moment, I have 13 credit hours, and I am in the second semester of my sophomore year. The reason I...
  2. M

    Retake Ochem 1?

    hey everyone! how much of Ochem 2 builds on o chem 1? The reason I'm asking is that I’m trying to decide if i should retake ochem 1, not necessarily to get a better grade (I got a C), but because if it builds into o chem 2 a lot, i would rather do o chem 1 again, just so I don't struggle in o...